Emerald Green Single Wrap

Emerald Green Single Wrap
 Size: Medium Single Square 26cm x 26cmSize: Small Single Square 18cm x 18cmSize: Coaster Square 10cm x 10cm 
Our Price:  £5.99 

Code:  EGRNEL26
Range:  Vibrant

Single Wrap or Mix and Match.

Emerald Green coloured
Contrast beeswax wraps

Single Wrap individually available in these sizes:

Medium Single Square : 26cm x 26cm
Small Single Square : 18cm x 18cm

Coaster Square: 10cm x 10cm

Easy to use As beeswax is naturally antibacterial and breathable when it’s combined with our other ingredients the wraps keep food fresher for longer. Our wraps are slightly sticky so with the warmth of your hands you can easily mould the beeswax wrap around food and containers.



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