Wrap Care

How to use
• Scrunch the new wrap with your hands to activate the stickiness.
• Unravel and start wrapping. Hints & tips on our website and inside the label.

Care & Cleaning
• Hand wash the beeswax wrap, like a plate, in cold water using an alcohol free washing up liquid like Ecover, Bio D or Method.
 (Alcohol based washing up liquids will slowly dissolve the beeswax).
• Pat dry with a tea towel, air dry and roll up to store.
• Keep out of the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, tumble drier or other hot surfaces.
• Not suitable for raw meat/fish. 
• See inside pack for care instructions.
• Freezer safe up to 1 month.
• With good care your wrap will last up to 12 months.

Refreshing/restoring your wrap
• After a few months use, the wrap may get less sticky, creased and not looking its best.
• Place the wrap on greaseproof paper on a large oven tray in a 100°C oven for 1-2 minutes to melt the wax.
• Remove from the oven, carefully and quickly pick the wrap up by the corners with tongs.
• Wave the wrap back and forth for 30 seconds to allow the wax to set then hang it up to cool for 5 minutes.
• Your wrap will look shiny and new.

Use ideas
• Use the wrap, as you would with clingfilm, to stop food from drying out.
• Choose a size suitable for the task, here are some suggestions:
Large Keep cut vegetables, cheese or bread from drying out. Fold into a pouch to keep food. Cover a plate of food, dish, bowl.
Medium Cheese, herbs, fruit, cover bowls, jars, snacks, cover/wrap cooked meat

Why are my hands all sticky?
• It's the beeswax and tree resin that makes the wrap stick, all good for your skin so when moulding the wraps your fingers will feel tacky.

How long will the wrap last?
• With good care, will last up to 12 months. Follow the refresh instructions to extend the life of the wrap.

How much plastic can I save going into landfill?
• Using beeswax wraps most days will stop almost 100 metres of clingfilm going into the ground.

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