Our Story

Inspired and motivated by our love of nature, respect for the earth and the people in it, EcoBwraps mission is to deliver the quality products that do not impact negatively on the environment.

Our products are ethically and organically sourced and made from beeswax, Damar tree resin and cold pressed jojoba oil infused into 100% cotton fabric. Manufactured to the highest standards, the wraps are made using food-grade ingredients and NOT sourced from industrial Palm Oils.

Time to make a change
Bin the plastic! Cling film, made from various plastics including potentially harmful polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a single-use product and hard to recycle, which means it ends up in landfill and in our oceans, causing harm to the environment and nature. If we all start to make a small change to our daily lives, then together we can start to make a BIG difference.

A donation from each sale will be made to sea cleaning: seacleaners.com


Why use beeswax wraps?
Our wraps are plastic free as we use natural cotton, beeswax and natural oils and replace the need for plastics or cling film.

  • The natural cotton lets your food breathe more than cling film would, helping food stay fresher for longer.
  • The resin allows the wrap to cling so food is well sealed
  • They’re multi-use. Rather than single use cling film, our wraps can be washed and used time after time, we recommend Ecover, Bio D or Method as alcohol-based washing-up liquids will slowly dissolve the beeswax.
  • Using environmentally safe and sustainable products help reduce planet erosion.
  • Made in Great Britain

How do they work?
Beeswax is breathable, waterproof and has natural antibacterial properties. Tree resin is sticky and helps the wrap stick to itself and seal containers. Jojoba oil helps keep the beeswax malleable straight from the fridge and also helps to stop food drying out and going off.

  • We're here to help:
  • Email: sales@ecobwraps.com

Say No to Plastic!